Everyone is welcome at these talks. We will go to lunch after the seminar.

The schedule for the second semester of session 2002-2003 is follows.

  • 7th February Dr. Bill Mclean (UNSW, visiting The Isaac Newton Institute) will talk on "Time discretization of an evolution equation via Laplace transforms."

  • 14th February Dr. Dmitry Skryabin (Physics) will give a talk entitled "Interaction of dissipative localized structures of light"

  • 21st February Patrick Lechner will give a talk entitled "An introduction to H-matrices and their applications".

  • 28th February Dave Simpson will give a talk entitled "Adaptive finite elements for a parabolic PDE".

  • 7th March Professor David Bird (Physics) will give a talk

  • 14th March No seminar. Prof Carsten Castensen will give the 2.00pm seminar

  • 21st March Simone Mandica will give a talk

  • 28th March Dr. Chris Farmer (Schlumberger) will give a talk