University of Bath

Bath Numerical Analysis Seminar, 2nd Semester 2010/2011

The Numerical Analysis seminar at Bath has been running continuously since 1986 and features a range of invited talks from distinguished visitors as well as internal talks by staff and students of Mathematical Sciences and other Departments at the University of Bath.

The Bath Numerical Analysis Seminar takes place Fridays at 12.15 in 4W1.7 (also known as the Wolfson Lecture Theatre). Campus maps can be found here.

Everyone is welcome at these talks and don't forget to join us for lunch after the seminar.


Date Speaker Title
February 11th Christopher Hodge (University of Bath) Modelling Power Systems
February 18th Fynn Scheben (University of Bath) The Method of Perturbation for safety computations in nuclear reactor design
February 25th David Titley-Peloquin (University of Oxford) Backward Perturbation Analysis of Linear Least Squares Problems
March 4th Adrian Hill (University of Bath) 3-term recurrence relations for eigenvalue problems
March 11th Ben Adcock (SFU Vancouver) A general framework for numerically stable reconstructions in Hilbert spaces
March 18th 6th Postgraduate Numerical Analysis Day in Oxford
March 25th Martin Reed (University of Bath) Numerical/evolutionary approaches to some optimisation problems
April 1st No Seminar.
April 8th Chris Hart (University of Bath) A new look into convergence rates for Rayleigh quotient iteration for the generalised eigenproblem
April 15th (Room change 1WN3.11) Catherine Powell (University of Manchester) Solving Stochastic Galerkin Saddle Point Problems
April 22nd Easter holiday.
April 29th Holiday.
May 6th No Seminar.
May 13th No Seminar.
May 20th Ganesh, Mahadevan (Colorado School of Mines) A reduced basis method for multiple electromagnetic scattering
May 27th Jens-Peter M. Zemke (TU Hamburg-Harburg) A quick and dirty introduction to IDR
June 3rd (Room change 1WN3.12) Viet Ha Hoang Sparse Markov Chain-Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian inverse problems

How to get to Bath

See here for instructions how to get to Bath. Please, email me here if you intend to come by car and require a parking permit for Bath University Campus for the day.

Guidelines for internal speakers for the introductions of their talks

Since the audience of the NA seminar contains both PhD students and staff with quite wide interests and backgrounds, the beginning of your talk should answer the following 4 questions (e.g. if doing a slide show, the first 4 slides could have these titles):
  • What is the problem you're considering?
  • Why do you find this interesting?
  • What has been done before on this problem/what's the background?
  • What is your approach/what are you going to talk about?
You may want to revisit these points later on in the talk (e.g. to give more detail), but following this template should mean that early on in the talk the audience have a clear idea of the motivation for the material you're covering.
If you have any queries, please email the seminar organiser here.