Five-day meeting

The Conference Programme was organised by Prof Chris Budd of CliMathNet and University of Bath, with the help of the scientific committee:

  • Eike Muller, University of Bath
  • Melina Freitag, University of Bath
  • Nigel Wood, Met Office
  • Hilary Weller, University of Reading
  • Colin Cotter, Imperial College
  • John Thuburn, University of Exeter

Plenary Speakers

The Plenary speakers were:

  • Phil Browne, University of Reading
  • Mike Cullen, Met Office
  • Peter Dueben, University of Oxford
  • David Ham, Imperial College
  • Andrew Lorenc, Met Office
  • Marion Mittermaier, Met Office
  • David Stephenson, University of Exeter
  • Nils Wedi, ECMWF

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