Studying for a PhD

We are always looking for motivated and able students to join our group and study for a PhD. See

Recent PhD dissertations in Numerical Analysis include

  • Betteridge, J. Efficient elliptic solvers for higher order DG discretisations on modern architectures and applications in atmospheric modelling. (2019)
  • Arter, E. Sweeping Preconditioners for Helmholtz Problems using Absorption. (2019)
  • Saunders, W. Development Of A Performance-Portable Framework For Atomistic Simulations. (2018)
  • Parkinson, M. Uncertainty Quantification for the Neutron Transport Equation. (2018)
  • Katsiolides, G. Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods in Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling. (2018)
  • Blake, J. Domain Decomposition Methods for Nuclear Reactor Modelling with Diffusion Acceleration. (2016)
  • Cook, S. Adaptive Mesh Methods for Numerical Weather Prediction. (2016)
  • Shanks, D. Robust solvers for large indefinite systems in seismic inversion. (2015)
  • Jenkins, S. Numerical Model Error in Data Assimilation. (2015)
  • Mora, K. Non-smooth dynamical systems and applications. (2014)
  • Teckentrup, A. Multilevel Monte Carlo methods and uncertainty quantification. (2013)
  • Browne, P. Topology optimization of linear elastic structures. (2013)
  • Kim, T. Asymptotic and Numerical Methods for High-Frequency Scattering Problems. (2012)
  • Scheben, F. Iterative Methods for Criticality Computations in Neutron Transport Theory. (2011)
  • Millward, R. R. A New Adaptive Multiscale Finite Element Method with Applications to High Contrast Interface Problems. (2011)
  • Buckeridge, S. D. Numerical Solution of Weather and Climate Systems. (2010)
  • Walsh, E. J. Moving Mesh Methods for Problems in Meteorology. (2010)
  • Akinola, R. O. Numerical Solution of Linear and Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems. (2010)
  • Hewitt, L. L. General Linear Methods for the Solution of ODEs. (2009)
  • Pring, S. Discontinuous maps with applications to impacting systems. (2009)
  • Green, S. Statics and dynamics of mechanical lattices. (2009)
  • Giani, S. Convergence of Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems with Applications to Photonic Crystals. (2008)
  • Akinola, R. Numerical solution of linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems. (2008)
  • Norton, R. Numerical Computation of Band Gaps in Photonic Crystal Fibres. (2008)
  • Stoyanov, Z. The symmetric eigenvalue problem: stochastic perturbation theory and some network applications. (2008)